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May 04, 2009


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J. Robert Martin

Keep in mind that Gracenote actually capitalized on data that it receives FREE OF CHARGE from people who enter data of their own personal CDs and then upload it to their servers - not bad! I wish I could bamboozel some FREE LABOR to build my business model on!

Glen Y.

I call BS.

I doubt your car CD player interfaces with your satellite radio to obtain track names for the CD. The more likely scenario is that the CD was burned with CD-Text info that your car's CD player read in order to display the names.

Steven Corn

I will be out of the office until February 1st.  Ill be checking email infrequently.  But if you need immediate help, please contact Kelsey Allen (kelsey@bfmdigital.com)



Maybe so. but I am practically certain that there was no CD-Text burned with the CD. if so, then my other CD players would have recognized it. In fact, my player is in a satellite system (XM) which can access GN data.

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